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Navigating Roles and Rooms: How to Build A Family Learning Mindset to Create Longevity

August 1, 2023

Life unfolds as a tapestry of diverse roles that we embody, shaping our journey through its intricacies. For enterprising families with a multi-generational perspective, this tapestry becomes even more complex as they seek to define roles, or ‘hats,’ suited to each unique situation or ‘room.’

Within the realm of enterprising families, members seamlessly don multiple hats – owner, director, operator, employee, child, parent, sibling, and more. Each hat is intricately tied to a specific room – the prestigious board room, the intimate kitchen table, the nurturing family council, or the decisive executive office. Each room carries its own set of rules, expectations, and intentions, creating a rich array of hat-room combinations that are both captivating and paradoxical.

However, amidst the richness of this intricate tapestry, there lies the potential for miscommunication. Enterprising family members, in the flow of conversation, may unknowingly mix up the required hat-room pair, leading to avoidable communication breakdowns. In this dynamic landscape, finding harmony in the roles we inhabit and the rooms we engage in becomes crucial for fostering strong family bonds and business success. By recognising the significance of each hat-room combination, enterprising families can navigate the complexities with ease and grace, ensuring a seamless flow of communication and understanding among family members.

During the session, Caroline Phaneuf and Patricia Saputo from Crysalia explore how identifying and developing awareness of the different hats you wear and the rooms you wear them in is the first step to building a learning mindset for family longevity.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

– Name the various hats you wear and the rooms in which you wear them.

– Distinguish between each hat’s expectations and intentions, as well as understand your respective impact on enterprising family cohesion and harmony

– Understand the importance of critical conversations regarding family relations and the boundaries of ownership in building your family’s wealth, wellness, and longevity