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Everything you need to manage your information, communication, and stakeholders. It scales with the complexity of your organization.


Trusted Family employs gold-standard best practices for securing all user information, data, and documents, to put your security at the forefront of our business.

Family Businesses

The Trusted Family platform offers all the tools you need to manage meetings, workflows, sensitive information, and communication between family members.

Family Offices

The Trusted Family platform offers all the tools you need to create greater transparency and accountability among your family leaders and next-generation members.

About us

Founded by two next- generation entrepreneurs from European business families, Trusted Family leverages a decade of industry expertise to help multi-generational family…

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November 20, 2023

Top-rated Family Software by Forbes

Forbes has listed Trusted Family as one of the best family office software globally.

Empowering Family Offices Globally

Our mission is to empower family offices worldwide with cutting-edge technology. Through our innovative cloud-based platform, we facilitate partnerships with nearly 200 family businesses and offices across 30 countries globally. With our technology at their fingertips, family offices can navigate the complexities of the global landscape with confidence and clarity.

Promoting Transparency and Succession Planning

Transparency and good governance are essential for the long-term success of family businesses. That’s why our platform is designed to promote transparency and streamline succession planning. By providing a clear overview of assets, liabilities, and governance structures, we empower families to plan successions smoothly and ensure the seamless transition of their legacies from one generation to the next.

Customised Advisory Services

Every family is unique, with its own set of values, goals, and aspirations. That’s why we offer tailored advisory services to meet the specific needs of each family. Our team works closely with clients to develop customised strategies to preserve their legacy while adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world. Whether it’s strategic planning, financial management, or governance best practices, we provide the guidance and support families need to thrive.

Comprehensive Support

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technology to encompass a comprehensive suite of services aimed at meeting the evolving needs of our clients. From strategic planning to operational efficiency, we offer holistic solutions designed to foster continuity, stability, and growth. By addressing every aspect of a family’s wealth management needs, we ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence and clarity.

Supporting Families Worldwide

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to supporting families worldwide. We understand that family businesses play a vital role in economies around the world, and we are committed to helping them succeed for generations to come. Through collaborative partnerships and a steadfast dedication to excellence, we empower family offices to navigate the global landscape with resilience and foresight. With our innovative technology and personalised advisory services, we support families in perpetuating their legacies and securing a prosperous future for generations to come.

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