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Everything you need to manage your information, communication, and stakeholders. It scales with the complexity of your organization.


Trusted Family employs gold-standard best practices for securing all user information, data, and documents, to put your security at the forefront of our business.

Family Businesses

The Trusted Family platform offers all the tools you need to manage meetings, workflows, sensitive information, and communication between family members.

Family Offices

The Trusted Family platform offers all the tools you need to create greater transparency and accountability among your family leaders and next-generation members.

About us

Founded by two next- generation entrepreneurs from European business families, Trusted Family leverages a decade of industry expertise to help multi-generational family…

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Family Businesses

Our digital platform helps your family business to continue humming along for generations. It brings your stakeholders together, enables efficient decision-making, and secures legacy documents for your future generations.

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As your family business grows and becomes more complex, 
the way you share information and communicate with each other shouldn’t have to.

Get board members and shareholders on the same page

Drive all information through your platform so stakeholders are not searching multiple locations to find what they need to do their job.
All meeting documents, conversations and decisions are stored in one centralised hub to help you focus on moving forward.

Keep family members informed whether they work in the business or not

Whether your shareholders work day-to-day or just want to check in periodically, sharing vital information through one centralised platform gives them the most up to date information when it’s convenient for them.

Minimise time spent on stakeholder management

As family members increase, so does the time needed to manage business among everyone. With a Trusted Family platform you can simplify how you interact with all stakeholders and have more time to get down to business.

Preserve your family’s history

Make sure your great-great-grandchildren can learn about your family’s legacy through pictures, videos, and stories of your family values lived out over the years. All available for future generations in a single, secure location.

Maintain family ties across borders

When family members span the country and the globe, it can be hard to stay in touch. TheTrusted Family platform enables you to share updates in a secure space so your family members can celebrate, chat and connect with each other in confidence.

Why Family Businesses rely on Trusted Family

Learn why families around the world turn to Trusted Family to simplify their communications and preserve their legacy for generations

The Trusted Family platform is very interesting, very diversified, well presented and very pleasant to consult.

Alain Querton – member of the Solvay Family

Trusted Family really was a turning point in gathering the family

Chantal de Meeus d’Argenteuil – member of the 5th generation of Boël Family

We could feel that it was built by families and by developers guided by families to focus on all the features from a family perspective – not from an IT perspective. This gave us a lot of confidence at the beginning. We felt that the Trusted Family team did understand what our expectations were when it came to a private communications platform – there was an immediate family-level connection about our challenges and their proposed solutions.

Lucas Van den Broeck – member of the third generation, Colruyt

Good way to keep contact and inform internally.

Florence Legein – Communication Manager at Sofina – Boël

A good confidential, practical & cost effective platform.

Gareth Ackerman – Family member, Board member and Chairman at Ackerman Holdings

Trusted Family is a very nice tool with lots of possibilities to stay in touch with the family and to create an equal base of information for everybody.

Inge van der Heijden – Bestuurssecretaris at Bavaria – Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

We have been using Trusted Family for almost 10 years and are very satisfied with it. We set up this platform to strengthen the links between the members of a family that is getting bigger with each generation. Trusted Family allows us to share information, organize events and especially to get to know each other better. An excellent way to create cohesion and facilitate the transmission between generations.

Charles Banzet – 9th generation of a French industrial group

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