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March 13, 2023

How Technology Holds the Key to Transforming Family Office Shareholders Experiences

A Family Office is all about providing a tailored, bespoke experience to the family. But while the sector as a whole looks set to flourish, if individual organisations are to live up to the high expectations of their client families they must offer exceptional levels of service. Hence, the question is: how does a family office extend that into the digital world?

Technology tools, when properly implemented, can provide the personalization needed to create a greater sensation of comfort and higher satisfaction for the family. The right offering can demonstrate the value-add a family office provides and add to the services the office can offer without increasing costs. And to provide that it is increasingly important that family offices have a sophisticated technology infrastructure in place.

  • Over the generations, family gets bigger, spreads out geographically and becomes more diverse
  • Increasing complexity in ownership structures, trusts, number of advisors and amount of information and documents to manage
  • Increasingly mobile lifestyle and information overload
  • All information is already digital and being spread on multiple devices and systems, increasing the privacy and security risks.

Resulting challenges:

  • How do I share documents and information securely with my clients?
  • How do I get my clients to respond quickly to my requests?
  • How do I provide my clients with secure access to all their important information?
  • How do I schedule and arrange meetings and events?
  • How do I track my clients interaction with my communications?
  • How do I get approvals and signatures from my clients on important decisions/documents?
  • How do I limit the security risk to my office and my client family?
  • How do I help the family to stay together and to educate their next generation?
  • How do I manage the family member database, addressbook and family tree?
  • How do I maintain the family history and archives?
  • How do I maintain strong family bonds and connections?

The solution:

A cutting edge technology infrastructure frees family offices to concentrate on maximising client-facing activities, while having the scalability to grow their business in a cost-constrained way—and providing the exemplary client service that is the hallmark of today’s family office.

The need of the hour is a complete makeover of family office operations – from a traditional process framework into new innovative online tools that enable more efficient and secure information sharing and access. Recent advancements in family office softwares have accelerated this transition, with functionalities including:

  • Scheduling and organizing meetings
  • Taking minutes Online
  • Creating board packs with attached documentation and annotations
  • Accessing information on mobile Phones and Tablets with offline access
  • Approving and signing documents electronically
  • Taking digital annotations on documents and boardbooks in advance of meetings
  • Digital permissions and access rights to ensure content is archived correctly and is accessible only to those who are permitted to see it, in accordance with your organizational structure
  • Recording who accessed what data and when for accountability purposes

All of which today can be found integrated into a user-friendly package that provides a safe and effective platform for every generation and every level of staff.

At Trusted Family, we can aid your family office in keeping ahead of the latest trends and maintaining a thriving business with the help of our market-leading governance platform. From managing data security to helping you share confidential information with individual family members and clients, we’ve got everything you need to drive your family office into the future.

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