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Trusted Family employs gold-standard best practices for securing all user information, data, and documents, to put your security at the forefront of our business.

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The Trusted Family platform offers all the tools you need to manage meetings, workflows, sensitive information, and communication between family members.

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The Trusted Family platform offers all the tools you need to create greater transparency and accountability among your family leaders and next-generation members.

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August 11, 2022

Why Trusted Family Wins Where Other Document Management Solutions Fail

document management system

Everytime we meet a family business leader for the first time, a common question arises: ‘We use Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive to store and share our confidential documents. Why do we need another system?”

The simple answer is: they don’t. 

All of these document management systems do the job – for most companies – except for family businesses. 

Today, we work with over 170 of the world’s leading and most successful business families globally. The majority of their leaders were previously using one or a combination of the above mentioned systems. 

So what changed? 

These families realised that with the growth and diversification of stakeholders and entities within their ecosystems, there was an increasing demand for a fully integrated platform combining all the tools they needed in one place. They realised that to enable long-term family success, it is critical to invest in efficient decision-making, in family continuity through generational leadership transitions and in family cohesion through transparent communication and accountability. They acknowledge that effective governance is mission-critical to manage increasing family complexity and often comes with the creation of family councils, family office boards, investment committees, audit committees, project boards and so on.

Here’s where these document management systems fall short:

  1. Specificity

Many of the industry standard solutions don’t go beyond basic document storage and sharing. The Trusted Family platform is purpose-built to balance specificity and flexibility to level up your document storage and sharing. 

  • Take digital annotations on documents and boardbooks ahead of meetings
  • Approve and sign off on documents electronically
  • Record who accessed what data and when for accountability purposes
  1. Sophistication

As a born-in-the cloud product, Trusted Family applies best-in-class product design rationale to develop and consistently iterate on the platform capabilities. 

  • Customize your platform to represent your family’s brand identity, ethos and values.
  • Work with built-in organization tools and templates
  • Build granular digital permissions and access rights within your platform to ensure content is archived correctly and is accessible only to those who are permitted to see it, in accordance with your organizational structure
  1. Security

Our foundation of enterprise-grade security is to deliver unparalleled peace of mind to you. Your family data is best kept where it belongs – safely with you. 

  • Eliminate the need to communicate over third-party channels and keep your private communications, private and confidential
  • Deploy customizable multi-level and granular control for sensitive data
  • Ensure information assets such as financial data, intellectual property, and employee details are safe and secure.
  1. Support

We’re with you at every stage of your family and business journey. 

  • Work closely with our in-house experts to tailor build the platform best suited to your family’s needs.
  • Have your own dedicated concierge, a trusted client experience representative, who helps you get the most value from the platform, as your business evolves. 
  • Access an exhaustive pool of content and resources to help enrich your platform adoption and usage 

Why switch?

  • It’s what your family members, board and shareholders want and expect
  • All successful family businesses are already doing it
  • It’s good for your family and your business

If you think your current document management system falls short of your family’s needs, then we’d love to see if Trusted Family can help. For over a decade, Trusted Family has helped multigenerational family-owned businesses professionalise their document management and governance, thereby strengthening cohesion and continuity with family members and shareholders. We’ll help you build a personalised plan that’s specific to your family and business.